The 30 Day Plan - Ultimate Health Fix


A Total Body And Health Reset - This innovative program designed by The Natural Doctors will give you the tools necessary to feel lighter and have more energy whilst losing weight. Change your health in 30 days...


Improve your health using tried, tested and proven methods. Easy to follow recipes to optimise your weight and health. Reset your body and energy!


Boost your immune system and prevent illness. Research shows 75% of our health is controlled by lifestyle, mainly diet.


Enjoy delicious whole foods whilst reducing the cravings for unhealthy food. This is the only diet plan you will ever need!

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Magnificent Recipes!


Delicious, easy to make, flavour-filled recipes...Never feel restricted again. Nutritionally balanced and packed with superfoods. Eat the food that the Natural Doctors eat!

  • 30 Day Complete Meal Plan

    All meals and snacks carefully planned out for stress-free eating that fits into your busy lifestyle.

  • Easy To Make

    Full instructions and shopping lists. Food ranging from quick-on-the-go snacks to full meals for the whole family.

  • Exclusive To The Natural Doctors

    Tried and tested recipes developed by Dr Jess & Dr Xandra (Chiropractor).

Food Will Become Your Medicine!

Use our simple G.R.O.W.S. principle for eating well and feeling your best.  Watch your health improve as your body feels less tired, bloated and inflamed and you feel happier with more energy.

  • Trigger Foods

    Feel better within the first few weeks by learning which foods to eliminate and which foods can sabotage your health

  • Create An Enjoyable Relationship With Food!

    Learn to love healthy food and crave ‘good’ food without feeling deprived

  • Use Food To Heal Your Body

    Eat tasty foods packed with antioxidants to boost your health


Online Support & Daily Accountability

Connect to a like-minded community with access to our online Natural Doctors Facebook group.

  • Daily Support

    Daily guides, hints and tips with bonuses and explanatory videos to educate you and change your view of food forever!

  • Take It At Your Own Pace

    Life happens! Pause the program and re-start as you need to, accessing the daily guides and content at your own pace.

  • Downloadable Content

    Access unique downloadable content, exclusive to The Natural Doctors.


The Natural Doctors Guiding You Every Step Of The Way...


"Poor diet is the main contributor to 1 in 4 people in the UK having a long-term health problem. We wanted to change people's health without drugs. Food is more powerful than any medicine in its ability to change our health. This is the food we eat with our family and we have tried and tested it successfully on thousands of patients over 13 years of practice. We created this program to help as many people as we can..."


Was £236 Limited Time Special Offer £79


Join Our Many Customers...


Your Complete Digital 30 Day Plan

  • Accessible Anywhere

    On your smartphone, computer, tablet or smart TV. With you wherever you go to guide you…Our online course can be accessed anywhere.

  • The G.R.O.W.S Priniciple

    Learn how to eat for health and weight maintenance. Simply explained in handy pdfs and daily guides. Key concepts for life to change your relationship with food forever…

  • 30 Day Meal Plan

    An effortless meal plan, perfectly nutritionally balanced. All the hard work done so you can just enjoy the food…

  • The Plan Recipe Pack

    Including 26 unique evening meal recipes, 10 delicious lunches plus snacks, desserts and bonus recipe packs. Tried and tested recipes with health boosting tips and modifications for allergies…Always know what to eat!

  • Daily Support

    Daily guides with hints and tips for the recipes, food prep, how to turn recipes into lunchboxes for work and multiple bonuses and guides to keep you on track throughout the 30 days…

  • Weekly Shopping Lists

    Simple food shopping with handy lists to take the stress out of the supermarket….

  • Pantry & Equipment Lists

    Be prepared with a full guide to set you up and build a health-boosting pantry for the 30 Day Plan…

  • Downloadable Guides & Cheat Sheets

    Handy PDFs helping guide you to success with hints and tips along the way to expand your understanding of health and food…

  • Super Foods BONUS

    A handy cheat sheet of our top super foods for health, how they can help and how to get them into your diet…

  • Gut Health BONUS

    Learn more about our amazing gut, how it influences our health, and how to have a healthy digestion…

  • A Masterclass In Nutrients

    Learn how to get the best nutrients, which are essential and what foods to find them in throughout the plan…

A One Time Payment Including Gut Health, Super Food & Movement Bonuses And Access To The Natural Doctors Members Group!

Was £236 Limited Time Special Offer £79


Our Story

Our diet journey started with illness... At aged 10 and 14 years old our mother was diagnosed with cancer.
Being very young and having a grandfather die of cancer the year before, we were certain we were losing our mum. Our mother is amazing, she immediately sought out complementary medical care alongside the conventional medical route and showed us that lifestyle and diet play a vital role in health. 

...Fast forward 25 years and together we now run a hugely successful natural health clinic treating thousands of patients. We have used our experience to create the 30 day detox so you can have the knowledge and power to change your health.

Dr Jessica Braid MBChB, BSc(Hons), BSc, MLCHom, DCMAc, CHMMD, CCosD

"After seeing a very close friend with cancer change her lifestyle and diet, I was amazed at the difference in her health.

After 5 years in the NHS, I decided to leave and specialise in treating the whole patient with fully integrative medicine. Diet is a vital part of my practice and this detox is based on over 13 years of experience treating thousands of patients..."

Jess always loved learning about the human body. Deciding that she wanted to help people, she trained in medicine to become a doctor. Part way through the course, she realised that drugs were not the only way to help and seeing a lack of any lifestyle medicine, she started to look elsewhere for knowledge. After 2 years working in the NHS, she came to the decision that conventional medicine wasn’t enough and embarked on other practitioner degrees to gain knowledge in integrative medicine. This learning took 6 qualifications and over 13 years to complete.

Dr Xandra Middleton BSc(Hons) Doctor of Chiropractic, GCC registered


"Diet is very personal for me, as a teenager I struggled with weight gain and the mental strain this can cause.

By working with Jess over many years on nutritious and delicious recipes that improved our health, I have come to both love whole food and deeply understand how important it is to eat for your health...”

Xandra formerly worked as Clinic Director of the biggest London chiropractic clinic and was part of a program to mentor other chiropractors and chiropractic students. She took over our father's clinic in 2012 and grew it to 4 times the size. Having seen over 5,000 new patients and performed over 50,000 treatments, Xandra is very experienced in treating a wide range of conditions.