Health Benefits Of Goji Berries: How To Eat This Superfood

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Goji berries (aka Wolfberries or Go Qi Zi) are a nourishing and strengthening tonic in Chinese Medicine particularly good for eye health due to their high antioxidants and zeaxanthin levels.


Buy organic, dried Goji berries – organic to reduce pesticides and dried so they keep long term. Eat a handful regularly, they have a sweet pleasant flavour.

Eat them in homemade trail mix  – Roast organic mixed nuts, add cacoa nibs and mix in dried goji berries for an antioxidant health boost that tastes delicious.

Put them in chicken soup – They are often added to nourishing chicken broths in China and make perfect sense to help strengthen you after illness. Add a handful to soups and casseroles when cooking.

Dark chocolate goji berry bites – melt a block of 70% dark chocolate and pour onto greaseproof paper in small circles (rounds) sprinkle a pinch of sea salt and press a couple of goji berries and chopped almonds onto each one. Set in the fridge and enjoy!

Grow your ownLycium barbarum plants grow very easily in the UK and are hardy. After the first two years they yield large amounts of fruit which you can eat fresh or dry for later! A great addition to your garden.

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