Health Benefits Of Zinc: What Zinc Does For Your Body & How To Get More Of It

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Dr Jess: As I am sitting on the sofa recovering from a horrible cold writing this, Zinc seems the perfect mineral to write on. Unfortunately today my body is proof that despite good diet, herbs and supplements, my immune system can’t overcome sleep deprivation with my son Jack! I find zinc excellent to help shorten and lessen a cold, and also to …

Top 7 Herbs To Boost Your Immune System

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After treating thousands of patients and 11 years in natural health practice I have found my top 6 immune boosting and immune system healing herbs that help prevent infections and strengthen your natural immunity. This list is not of the most common herbs found in a search on google or of medical papers or research it is compiled from my extensive clinical experience and backed up by traditional herbal use and watching them help thousands of real-life patients.

Fire Cyder Recipe

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Fire Cyder is a traditional herbal remedy used for centuries in folk medicine using the powerful benefits of horseradish, garlic and chilli with the added benefits of raw apple cider vinegar to create a supercharged tonic for winter traditionally used to prevent and treat coughs and colds. Many people take 1 tablespoon daily (or for some a shot glass!) very day either neat or added to other drinks.

How To Work Astragalus Into Your Diet

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Astragalus membranaceous (aka Huang Qi or Milkvetch) is a Traditional Chinese Herb for Qi and blood deficiency, and used as an immune tonic and for fatigue. Watch the video below for a summary of the research into this fantastic herb: Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as an immune tonic and for fatigue, easy bruising and prolapses… Astragalus is one of the …

Uses Of Reishi Mushrooms: Health Benefits & Natural Remedies

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Reishi mushroom (aka Ling Zhi in traditional Chinese Medicine, latin name Ganoderma lucidum) is an amazing Chinese Herb that has become widely known for its nourishing properties and extensive health benefits… Learn more below. Used in traditional Chinese Medicine for calming & aiding sleep Reishi mushroom is known as Ling Zhi in Chinese Medicine, which translates as ‘herb of spiritual …

Why You Need Vitamin D: Health Benefits & Natural Healing

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Vitamin D is an essential fat-soluble vitamin important for our bones and deficiency affects nearly every system of our body. It is unique as much of it comes from sunlight and there are only small amounts in our food. 60% of UK population have insufficient Vitamin D There has been an alarming rise in Vitamin D deficiency, particularly in children …

The Power Of Vegetables: Benefits & How To Get More Into Your Diet

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Vegetables are powerful medicines that reduce your risk of dying from many diseases (1) and can help you lose weight. Try and eat 5-10 portions daily. Vegetables are natural effective medicines Vegetables are one of the most important medicines you can take daily. Increasing the amount you eat is a simple change that can alter your risk of many of …