Posture Program: Stiff Type

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Less than 90 days to correct your stiffness and improve flexibility…click on the lessons to begin and start your Posture Solution.
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Stiff Type: Introduction

Complexity: Easy

We enroll you onto the program, the bonus extras, and explain how it works for you and your specific posture type.

Stiff Type Stage 3: Advanced Core & Balance

Complexity: Standard

Now you have seen the benefits of these exercises and are feeling more confident in your movements, we increase the exercises so you get the best health benefits possible from good posture.

Stiff Type Stage 4: Extra Health Boost

Complexity: Hard

You’ve been through the stages and now know that working on your posture is both easy and gets results. At this point we want to improve your posture health by going that extra step and reverse all those lifestyle bad posture habits.