How Old Should You Be To Have Chiropractic Care?

Dr Xandra Kids

Dr Xandra (Chiropractor): I have been in practice for many years and over that time have supported many patients through stressful events in their life like a new job, new house, wedding, and of course pregnancy.

Together we go through all of these events without them often having issues like back pain or migraines and what I find is a very common question they ask is this… how old does the baby have to be before they can have their spine checked? To this patient they themselves have been helped throughout their stressful life events by Chiropractic. So it seems natural that we check the spine and nervous system of the baby so it has a nice healthy start.

The simple answer. Chiropractors can check a baby’s spine and treat them if needed as soon as they are born.

Aren’t Babies Born Perfect?

Every baby is perfect but that doesn’t meant the process where they arrived into the world was. Caesareans are becoming much more common, as are long labours.

In my own family I was there for the birth of both my niece and nephew. My sister had a hard time with her daughter and after a traumatic 70 hours of labour that ended with a caesarean, my niece was born. First thing the next morning my sister was struggling getting her to breastfeed as she wouldn’t turn her head to the right. The midwives at that time were very concerned about this and causing a lot of panic. My sisters answer was to hand me her 6 hour old baby girl and tell me to “fix her neck, she’s had a horrible birth”. Within 5 minutes and after 1 very gentle treatment, baby Amelia was turning to the right without an issue.

After all the toll of a 70 hour labour and an emergency caesarean, it is understandable that her tiny neck would get stressed. So it was a good idea to check that out to see if Chiropractic could help. 

Does It Hurt?

No. Chiropractic is extremely gentle and Chiropractors are highly trained health professionals who moderate treatment for each individual. Occasionally babies do cry with treatment but this is a normal reaction to a stranger, not pain.

Dr Jess’s son has been treated regularly since birth. He was a perfect 4 hour home water birth and was still checked at 2 days old. He has always been a poor sleeper and gets stiff so he gets treated very regularly.

From 6 months old and as soon as he was put in the position for treatment, he started giggling. He has no fear of it, shows no discomfort or crying and only shows that he loves it…. which is great because we’d love him to become a Chiropractor one day!

Why Treat Them So Young?

Modern life is hard on a small babies spine and developing nervous system. As they learn to stand and crawl they are constantly falling onto man made hard surfaces. This is can be jarring to their spine and nervous system. Add to that all the modern advances that they were not designed for like prams, car seats and bouncers. Getting checked is a normal part of life for the whole of our family, including the children.

 Why Do I Treat Children In The Clinic?

In my practice I see babies from a few weeks old up to toddlers learning to walk, right through to school children with bad posture.

Posture is the most common reason I see children and modern life with heavy bags, smartphones, etc. doesn’t help. Trauma can also be a reason a parent brings in their children. Whether this be after a car accident or after a bad fall. The child doesn’t have to have symptoms to come in and be checked, just knowing they have been through the event is enough to want to make sure they are OK.

Looking after the spine from a young age makes so much sense, you look after your teeth from when they start to grow so why not your spine?

Problems are starting younger as we become more desk based with no one teaching as you start school or your first job how import it is to sit correctly. 

Our guide to workstation setup has sections that apply to all ages including children.