Your personalised quiz results from our expert program tell us that you are:

You Are A Balance Type!

The answers you gave show that you are struggling with flexibility and posture due to your balance.

Every joint in your body has a tiny sensor in it that talks to your brain so you know where it is and also how to position it. Life events can disrupt these signals which then means forming good posture is harder as your brain isn't entirely sure of the position of your joints. This can make you become unbalanced, unsteady on your feet or clumsy.


For Results You Can See & Feel

Now we know your type, it’s easier to help you improve it. With a mixture of loosening any stiffness and strengthening your core through balance exercises, we can give you the best plan to improve your posture.

By knowing your type first, you don’t waste time on generic posture exercises. You do the ones that will work best for you in the shortest time.

Any Of These Sound Familiar?


"I am prone to strained ankles, going over on my ankles or foot pain"


If your brain doesn't know where your feet are, you are more likely to injure those joints.


"I can easily trip or fall"


Balance types often appear clumsy, this is because their brain is less aware of where their feet are.


"My lower back can feel stiff and achy getting up"


When your balance isn’t as good you put more stress on your joints, as your body is less aware of where it is to move properly.


"I may have had an accident in the past which hurt my neck or head"


The balance control system in your body is in your head and neck. If you impact these areas it damages your balance.


"I injured my leg or have sore knees"


Pain or trauma in a joint turns off the sensors which tell your brain its position. This affects your balance.


"I do work looking down e.g. computer work or look after young children"


The balance control system in your body is in your head and neck. If you stress these areas it damages your balance.

Created By Medical & Postural Experts

Dr Xandra (Chiropractor) - As a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic at the top of her field who has seen tens of thousands of patients. She has used her real world experience helping patients to develop a program that really works and brings results.

Dr Jess - As a medical doctor passionate about functional medicine who has worked for 12 years in practice. Dr Jess has worked with her sister to ensure this program is suitable for all abilities and ages.

What You'll Get With Your Personalised Posture Program

A Personalised Program

A course designed specifically for your type to ensure you strengthen or loosen the right areas. To get the results you want without wasting your time on generic posture exercises.

Step-by-step Instructions

Easy to follow instructions with simply explained videos, to help you understand how to get the best out of your exercises or stretches, and why you are doing them to keep you motivated.


We know you're busy, so the course and exercises are designed to fit into daily life. The stages are bite-sized and easy to follow so that for just a few minutes regular work you see big rewards.

Tailored To You

During the quiz any of your answers not covered by your ‘type’ trigger our e-mail bonuses, giving you information, support and help to fix that specific problem.

Video Coaching

Expert explanations and motivation with regular videos throughout your program to keep you focused and on track. These short, sharp videos will guide you all the way through your program.

Expert Designed

Dr Xandra is an experienced Chiropractor, at the top of her field. She developed this program as a tried and tested 'self-help' solution with input from her sister Dr Jess.