Poynton Show: Guess The Veg Results

Dr Xandra Featured, Kids, You

Thank you to all of our participants who took part in the guess the vegetable quiz.

By now we have found our winners and you will receive an email about your prize today.

We made this quiz tricky to really test how well people could recognise vegetables, and we were happy to find that on average 8/10 were correctly labelled. Well done to all who entered, here are the results:

1. Rainbow Carrots

2. Courgette

3. Heirloom Tomatoes

4. Aubergine 


5. Butternut Squash

6. Beetroot

7. Shitake Mushroom

8. Sweet Potato

9. Rainbow Chard

10. Broccoli

11. (The Bonus Veg) Purple Kohlrabi 

After a fantastic turn out we hope to see you all again next year for our new Guess the Veg Competition!

Have a look at some of our amazing recipes, we add to them every week so you can see how to prepare and cook these fabulous vegetables to make them truly delicious!