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Guest Posting Guidelines

Thank you for considering contributing as a guest writer for The Natural Doctors! All our guest author posts are shared on social media and in our newsletter to thousands of people across the globe.

How To Submit

We are full of ideas and bet you are too! So in the first instance email us 3-4 titles so we can choose the best one, or make other suggestions based on our scheduling calendar.

After getting approval for your title, review the guidelines below to ensure that your links and article meet our requirements. Then submit your post for review.

We are always proud to publish the passionate, thought provoking, expert views of people in and around our community, so we look forward to your submission!

Please note that writing for The Natural Doctors is not a paid writing position.

Topics & Categories

Our visitors love easy-to-digest health tips that inspire them to take action, understand a condition and/or take steps to improve their health and wellness. These include natural health advice, remedies, recipes and stories of real-life results. Look to engage the reader quickly (at the start of your article) and provide tips that are simple to follow in day-to-day life.

Our readers look enthusiastically to learn more about natural health and alternative health solutions, and you have the platform here at The Natural Doctors to showcase your expertise and viewpoint.

Please send us 3-4 titles for consideration before you begin the writing process.

Topics We Do Not Allow: Content unrelated to natural health, Promotional content and product reviews (email us about sponsored posts)

Categories: Categories for writing are not limited. For inspiration, it may be helpful to browse the website to see what has already been written and either take a different route or one that is not identical to that already covered. We are happy to take a look at suggestions across all natural health, remedies, recipes and research areas.

Word Count & Format

Post length should be between 750-2000 words. We do accept some posts less than this but they have to be from people with considerable authority in the industry and get to the point quickly!

The content of posts should be centered on health advice, practical actions and how-to guides that users can see value in, benefits from and begin implementing immediately.

A reader should finish a post feeling inspired to make a positive change in their life. Educating them, getting them motivated and best of all empowering them to take action is the key to successful content on our website. Please view our already-published articles to get a feel for the writing style we’re looking for.

In no way should posts be heavily tilted towards selling products or services. We have no problem with linking to external websites or content elsewhere, but The Natural Doctors prides itself on providing free advice and guidance to help people live healthier, happier lives.

All content must be written in standard UK English spelling and grammar. The post should be error-free and pass Copyscape. Plagiarised work will be rejected and we wouldn't ask for further submissions.

For ease of readability, we encourage the use of subheadings.

Links & Tone

Where applicable, links should be used to back up your expertise, research and scientific claims within the body of the post. This includes the use of anchor links to relevant articles currently on The Natural Doctors website, or your own. Links leading to commercial pages, product reviews or homepages will be removed, as will spam links.

The tone of all posts should be conversational and enlightening. We are looking for posts without sales patter or fluff. Posts should provide genuine guidance and sincerely useful tips for the community The Natural Doctors attracts.

Promoting Your Content

In order to promote your article, please provide us with any social media handles you have, and feel free to share any guest posts yourself. We let all authors know when their post has been successfully published and at that time we schedule them on our own social media channels and onto our newsletter.

Where relevant please feel free to link the article to your website or blog. You are also encouraged to engage readers in the comments section when the article has been posted on social media.

Editing & Publishing Rights

The Natural Doctors reserves the right to edit submissions before publication.

By submitting a post to our website you agree that it will be published only on TheNaturalDoctors.com unless otherwise permitted by a member of our admin team.

And Finally…

Be Fresh, Be Unique, Be You!

The content of the post must be your own original thoughts and ideas, not published elsewhere and copyright free. We want your expertise and passion to shine through.

Our team will review your article and publish if it meets our requirements as outlined above. If the article is not a good fit for our audience, it will be returned to you for use elsewhere.

If accepted, we will make any necessary edits to the article and schedule it for publication. You will receive notice when the post goes live, and are encouraged to interact in the comments, on social media and with us for further post ideas.

We look forward to helping spread your message.

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